2020 Mitsubishi Pajero Sport

MITSUBISHI MOTORS CORPORATION (MMC) today globally debuted the New PAJERO SPORT*, mid-size SUV, in Thailand, and began its sales there.

New PAJERO SPORT adopts a more refined, powerful appearance, complemented with a refreshed interior that delivers quality and comfort. Easy-to-read 8 inch color LCD meter is newly adopted, and the Power Tailgate allows users to open and close the tailgate with a smartphone. PAJERO SPORT is one of MMC’s global strategic models and has approximate 77,000 units sold globally in fiscal 2018. Manufactured at Laem Chabang plant of MITSUBISHI MOTORS (Thailand) Co.,Ltd., the company’s local production and distributor, the new PAJERO SPORT will eventually be sold in some 90 countries including the Philippines and Australia.

*MONTERO SPORT in some regions.
Product overview
Fused with sedan-like comfort and functionality, the new PAJERO SPORT inherits the PAJERO series off-road capability, reliability and durability in a mid-size SUV.

It was redesigned with the theme of Elevate your Journey. It features more powerful yet refined exterior, high quality and comfortable interior with advanced functions. The new PAJERO SPORT is created to meet the drivers’ desire for exploration and adventure.

(1)Exterior design accentuates wide, sculptured and powerful appearance
The MITSUBISHI MOTORS’ signature Dynamic Shield front view design concept has been further evolved on the new PAJERO SPORT while securing good visibility, emphasizing the sense of wideness with the headlights continuing from the front grille and the combination lamps at the bumper corners. The higher bonnet of the vehicle exhibits a deeper front face, while a more solid, powerful chrome part design projects a more refined, sophisticated appearance.

(2)Advanced and convenient new components
Easy-to-read 8 inch color LCD meter, and 8 inch Smartphone-Link Display Audio (SDA).
Power Tailgate (safety mechanism included) with a new hands-free feature.
MITSUBISHI Remote Control offers a number of functions that facilitate ease of access. It will send notification to the driver’s smartphone to lock the doors via the app when the driver leaves the vehicle with the doors unlocked. The Power Tailgate can be opened or closed by smartphone. In addition, the tailgate reservation system can be preset by smartphone anywhere, which enables the driver to open or close the tailgate automatically when he/she approaches or leaves the vehicle. The keyless operation system is effective between the vehicle and within Bluetooth* operating range.

(3)High quality and comfortable interior
Refreshed floor console and soft padded interior door handles enhance the overall interior look with quality and comfort.
Storage tray that sits under the floor console can be accessible from left and right sides. New AC power outlet added on the existing USB plug at the console rear panel improves usability for all passengers.

(4)Integrated vehicle performance
The 2.4L MIVEC turbo diesel and an 8-speed automatic transmission delivers excellent environmental and smooth performance.
Enhanced safety features with the addition of Lane Change Assist (LCA) and Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA) functions.
The new PAJERO SPORT retains the Super-Select 4WD-II system that delivers optimal traction for all surfaces and confidence-inspiring handling characteristics. The off-road mode with a newly designed switch on 4WD models elevates all-terrain performance and self-extraction capability through the integrated control of engine output, transmission settings and brake power.

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