Y-3 SPORT – The Future of Sportswear | Spring/Summer 2016 Film

For SS16, adidas and Yohji Yamamoto introduce a new era of design focused performance wear with the launch of Y-3’s first dedicated sportswear collection, Y-3 SPORT.

Explore the collection:

To celebrate the release Y-3 have released this short film, by Nathan Gallagher, to showcase the aesthetic and performance credentials of the offshoot of Y-3’s mainline. Athletes in the film are pushed to the edge of their abilities before leaping off into a surreal isolation where gravity disappears and the grace and beauty of the clothes and the human body in motion take over.

The collection combines Y-3’s renegade aesthetic with some of adidas’ most industry defining technologies.

At the core of the revolutionary collection is adidas’ desire to remain the future of sportswear. Utilising adidas’ highest performing fabrics, technologies and innovation to deliver a ground-breaking collection, Y-3 SPORT brings the worlds of sport and fashion together.

With highlight products breaking the boundaries of fashion engineering processes, stand-out pieces are innovative to the core. The Approach Jacket protects against the elements with additional lightweight bonded seams and lasered ventilation technology, utilising adidas’ advanced heat mapping research. In the same category, the Approach shoe features BOOST technology, a support Torsion system for maximum energy return and a fitted Primeknit sock booty for ultimate comfort and style.

The Y-3 SPORT SS16 collection is available from 15th of April at select retailers worldwide and www.Y-3SPORT.com.


Directed by: Nathan Gallagher
Cameraman: Adam Docker
Edited by: Jon Coutts
Sound Design: Enos Desjardins
Post Production: Red Earth Studio
Starring: Gemita Samarra & Eyal Booker

Nguồn: https://zing76.com

Xem thêm bài viết khác: https://zing76.com/the-thao/

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